Parenting and Babies | About Us

Welcome to Parenting and Babies, a central resource on becoming or being parents that is optimized to give you maximum of joy and comfort and minimal of stress and difficulties. Through expert advice, guidance, and support, we can help you enhance your lives as parents by helping you overcome hurdles, avoid problems, and deliver the best of care to your child or children.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide a fresh innovative platform designed to give you reputable, updated and relevant parental advice and instruction; enhancing the lives of families abroad. We are devoted to your parenting experience.

Parenting is a concept that is embraced all over the world every day but it is still one of the most confusing and big experiences on an individual scale. Some parents are extremely happy whilst others are nervous but regardless of how you feel about it, every parent has to take on responsibility, invest time and energy, provide love and care, etc., which is what parenting is all about. Parenting and Babies is committed to helping parents – no matter how they feel or where they come from – so that they can tackle the requirements of being parents in a good manner and make parenting a positive experience for themselves.

Parenting and Babies is an ideal platform for…

  • Newlyweds or young couples who are now expecting a baby and feel they are unprepared
  • Couples looking to take the next step in their relationship but are nervous, afraid, etc.
  • Parents who are having problems with parenthood
  • Parents who are expecting another child
  • Couples who simply want to improve their experience as parents

The way we see it, parenting as a whole should be a wonderful and life changing experience that parents cherish and enjoy in the present and happily reminisce in the future – and we’re helping you achieve exactly that out of your experience as parents.