Deciphering pregnancy dreams: First trimester

Deciphering pregnancy dreams: First trimester

First you give birth to… your spouse. Next you have a fast escape(on a flaming motorcycle!). Eventually, you’re surrounded by a giant tsunami.

Certain dream ideas usually show up at specific times in pregnancy. For help deciphering what these dreams may be telling you, continue to read. The following fragment from Women’s Bodies, Women’s Dreams by psychologist Patricia Garfield give some first-trimester dreams and their potential explanations.
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Concerns about childbirth and parenthood
“I give birth to an adult-like child. He is like a tiny grown-up, dressed like an adult, and walking and speaking like an adult.” — Julia’s dream during her first trimester
Many first-time mothers, when they learn they are pregnant, dream of giving birth to a completely matured infant or grown child. Possibly, an older infant or child seems less scary than a delicate newborn to the unpracticed mother. Julia felt the adult baby in her dream mirrored her anxiety that she would have to return to her job and would therefore miss her baby growing up.
In the beginning of child-bearing, first-time mothers know little about the birthing experience; they usually feel worried. The fusion of wishes for a pain-free delivery and insufficient knowledge of the actual process result in dreams of the child “popping out” or simply materializing.
Self-consciousness about your altered shape

“I was driving my truck. As I drive, I have a rubber tire encircling my waist.” — Pamela Halfield’s dream while pregnant with her son.

A lady’s opinions concerning her figure might either increase or worsen during child-bearing. In Pamela’s dream it is apparent that the “spare tire” is her increasing stomach. Operating an automobile was usually a metaphor for the way the woman is going through life during the time; with the extra tire, Pamela’s movements were quite awkward. Pregnant ladies often see themselves operating buses, trucks, vans, or other automobiles which are harder to drive than cars during their dreams — mirroring their belief of difficult movements.

Scientists that have examined pregnant ladies’ dreams see repeated allusions to architecture in dreams, from small houses to gigantic skyscrapers. The dream places were usually areas where items were produced, such as a mill or a workshop, most likely mirroring the “construction” of an infant that is occurring within the woman’s uterus. Perhaps pregnant ladies dream about construction since they are sensitive to their “increasing interior stomach.” Often, the type of construction depicted in the woman’s dreams can increase in height as her pregnancy continues; one researcher found that dream constructions became bigger and more complicated the closer the woman was to labor; skyscrapers were particularly frequent.

Awareness of your amniotic fluid
“I’m within a country, probably a tropical jungle. I discover that the country’s rainfall was 700 inches! I’m shocked.” — Meghan’s dream

From fish tanks to washing machines to turbulent seas, a pregnant lady’s dreams refer to liquid throughout her child-bearing. A expectant mother will usually see herself swimming through her first-trimester dreams. When creatures are in first-trimester dreams, they are usually water animals such as fish and dolphins. The liquid in her dreams probably shows a knowledge of the water within her uterus. Liquid in dreams can take on a larger appearance as child-bearing continues. Near her labor time, a pregnant lady is more likely to dream of liquid as a sign of the “broken water” that heralds approaching labor. One lady dreamed near the start of her third trimester of carrying a large purse of huge ocean waves swelling and threatening her. We start our childhood as aquatic animals, floating in a pouch of fluid within our mother’s uterus. A pregnant woman is consuming liquids for both her and her infant.

No surprise that her dreams overflow with visions of water.