How To Survive The Last Month of Pregnancy

How To Survive The Last Month of Pregnancy, 3rd trimester

Well, I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is that the last several weeks of your pregnancy will not be easy to survive for a number of reasons.
And, the good news is that you are not alone and it is not just you. The last several weeks of all pregnancies are really hard for everyone.
The last several weeks of your pregnancy will be challenging in several ways.
To begin, your baby bump will continue to grow despite the fact you cannot possibly imagine that you could get any bigger. However, you can take some solace in the fact that once your maternity tops begin to feel tight and your belly begins to peek out from the bottom, you are close to the end.
Another challenge will be the reality that even the small things you do each day become difficult such as walking. With my second child, I literally felt like I was about to deliver each time I stood up. One of the reasons each moment becomes awkward and uncomfortable is from the pressure of the baby dropping.
Do not forget about the insomnia that is inevitable and the unimaginable torture that is trying to get comfortable enough to actually sleep. You might even begin to dread nighttime because you will be so exhausted yet unable to fall asleep because you cannot find a comfortable position that will allow you to rest well or to sleep. Ugh.
The hardest part is absolutely the waiting for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Thirty-seven weeks is labeled as full-term which means that medical professionals believe this to be the moment at which it is safe to deliver your baby with the greatest chance for a successful delivery. And, if you are similar to me, when that magic moment at 37 weeks arrives, you will anxiously analyze every little twinge in your belly just hoping and waiting for labor to begin.
And hoping.
And waiting.
And waiting some more.
The wait can be excruciating, particularly when you feel as though you are the largest pregnant woman there ever was. Fortunately, there are three tips to make preparing for your baby slightly more tolerable.

Pamper yourself. It is hard to feel pretty during those last several weeks, so take the time to treat yourself to some pampering activities. If your budget allows, spend an afternoon at the salon to get a new hairstyle or a blow-out just because. Or, try the personal favorite of many pregnant women and get a pedicure or a pregnancy massage. You might just have the added bonus of hitting those pressure points on your feet to start your labor!

If you have older children, schedule quality time with each one of them to ensure you have some one-on-one time prior to the arrival of the new family member. A new baby will be a big transition for the entire family. In between preparing for the arrival and feeling exhausted, it can be difficult to have any quality time with the older children. Use those last several weeks to let your other babies, even if they are older, know how special they are to you and they just might be more likely to fetch a diaper or two once the baby arrives!

If this is your first child, schedule some dates with your significant other. Go to the movies, a nice restaurant or take a babymoon. Make sure it is somewhere close because early deliveries can happen with first babies. And, plan a few fun things you may not be able to do for a while after the new arrival.

Do not forget to give yourself a break. Sometimes, it is ok to allow yourself to be miserable. We can find ourselves so caught up in focusing on what we need to do to get ready and running around trying to finish everything before the baby comes that we forget to just listen to our bodies and rest. Those last several weeks may just be nature’s way of ensuring you have some downtime prior to the craziness of life with a newborn begins. Try to take advantage of this time!
What do you find hardest about the last month of pregnancy?