Is Parenthood for you?

Is Parenthood for you?
To Parent or Not to Parent: What will be your answer?

Some people have set their lives up to be parents, making this an easy question to answer. These individuals have saved up the funds, created a 10 year plan that included children, and based almost every decision made in their adult lives around becoming a parent. However, there are other people in this world that have no idea if they want to be a parent or not; therefore; they change their answer to this question on a regular basis. Lastly, there are people who never entertain the question, giving a firm no, and moving on with their lives.

You might be somewhere in between the three scenarios mentioned above, but hopefully after reading this article, answering this question is something that we hope you can do, without regretting that decision later on in life.

Weighing the Hardships Associated with Parenting

Being a parent is a feeling that you can never truly understand, until you have children. It is a fun, exciting, and great part of life, but it does require a lot of work. Ironically, you could never know the true amount of work that it takes to be a parent, until you have children of your own.

What is it that makes parenting so hard? The answer is: countless reasons. You have to devote a great deal of your energy to your children and their needs, while trying to handle the outside distractions, such as work, finances, and finding time to socialize with other adults outside of your home. At times, you will feel so full of love and positive emotions, but at other times, you will feel completely drained.

You may be thinking, “Parenting is a two-person job; right?” Yes, it is; however, it is true that women bear more of the responsibility of parenting, in comparison to men. There are many men that uplift mothers, and try their hardest to be active in their children’s lives. Even with all of the help that men offer in today’s society, the expenses of having a child still fall on the shoulders of women. This includes daycare expenses, healthcare bills, meals, help with schoolwork, emotional counseling, and more.

Here Comes Reality

Even with the images creating a picture of how great parenting is, no one can know what being a parent is like until they have children. Even if you carried a five-pound sack of potatoes around, or were responsible for watching over an egg for a week in class, this is not the same as being a real parent. Unlike the sack of potatoes and egg, you cannot undo your decision to have a child once that child enters the world.

There are many people in this world that thought about the hardships mentioned above, but still have a strong desire to be a parent. Even after reality has set in, they realize that caring for another life is something that they were destined to do; therefore, they want to be a parent. This is okay; the decision to be a parent is entirely up to you!

Are you Ready?

Before you and your partner decide to become parents, there are some questions that you should ask each other. This helps you determine if your partner is truly ready to become a parent. The answers could also help you gauge the type of parent that your partner would be.

You will need to focus on your dreams, desires, and hopes. Decide if being a parent falls into those categories.

• Have you spent time with children in the past? How did that make you feel?

• During your childhood, what did you enjoy the most? What do you wish you could change about your childhood?

• Did you receive great parenting? What didn’t you like about your parenting? What would you change, and what would you repeat as a parent?

• What do you expect parenting to be like?

• What emotions and thoughts do you have while answering these questions?