My Toddler 13-18 Months

My Toddler 13-18 Months
At this age, your toddler is now developing into a more active and independent child. See below to track the progress of milestones. Watch free videos and download free materials that you can print out to help you better understand and track your toddler development.

Motor Milestones:

  • Can walk unaided
  • Able to squat to pick up objects
  • Can stack two objects
  • Able to help with putting clothes on/getting undressed

Sensory Milestones:

  • Enjoys a regular sleeping schedule
  • Actively interacting with a gamut of touches, noises, and smells

Communication Milestones:

  • Can combine sounds and gestures
  • Able to follow simple directions
  • Can correctly identify 1-2 body parts
  • Has a vocabulary of 20 words or more
  • Can coherently answer questions
  • Babbles in speech-like sounds
  • Points at known objects, and recognizes people in photographs
  • Answers yes/no questions with a nod
  • Comprehends up to 50 words

Feeding Milestones:

  • Able to consume coarsely chopped adult foods
  • Can handle and drink from a cup

Possible Signs to Watch Out For


  • Unable to walk independently
  • Has poor balance when standing
  • Does not pull to stand up
  • Unable to climb stairs
  • Cannot grasp small objects


  • Very sensitive to, or completely ignores, loud stimuli
  • Dislikes being touched or cuddled
  • Displays a high level of fear whenever feet are not touching the ground


  • Cannot maintain eye contact
  • Does not respond when their name is called
  • Is not attempting to communicate with others