Preconception Checkup Questions

Preconception Checkup Questions
Preconception Checkup Questions

A preconception visit is a great first step for anyone trying to get pregnant, particularly those trying for their first baby or those who have any underlying health concerns or problems. It’s best to schedule the appointment at least three months before you plan to try to conceive, in order to leave ample time for any necessary vaccines. These questions should get you started:

[ ] Am I at risk for any complications? Do I need to take any specific precautions?
[ ] Is my weight in the right range for my height, weight and age?
[ ] Would my child be at risk for any genetic diseases? Do you recommend genetic testing?
[ ] Do I need additional vaccines or boosters?
[ ] Are there any health issues or concerns I should resolve before trying to get pregnant?
[ ] Are my medications and supplements safe for pregnancy? If not, what can I do or take instead?
[ ] Will previous birth control use affect my odds of conceiving? How long after I cease using it will I able to conceive?
[ ] are there any exercises or physical activities that will change my odds of conceiving? What are some general tips and rules about exercise while trying to conceive?
[ ] What foods should I eat, and what should I avoid? What are the guidelines for caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes?
[ ] What prenatal vitamins would be best for me?
[ ] Are there any environmental factors I should avoid?
[ ] Which over-the-counter medications are safe to use while I’m trying to conceive?
[ ] At what point in the month am I ovulating and most likely to conceive?
[ ] What can my partner and I do to increase our chances of conceiving?

You can print out this list to refer back to at your preconception appointment.