Is it Safe to take my Baby out of the House?

Some parents are concerned about taking a young baby outside. Many cultures, in fact, keep some moms & babies inside a house for up to several months.

Is there a medical reason not to take the baby outside, though, no, there is not.

Fresh air is healthy and learning and being exposed to new environments is critical for a babies development.

If germs are a concern for you, make sure to minimize the amount of contact with areas with many people. Playgrounds, for example, is a place where the baby does not belong. Out in the open fresh air though is great to show baby the new world it lives in.

You do want to stay away from any people who are sick, though. Better safe than sorry.

Take the above advice & with your slow jaunts outside, your baby will naturally be exposed to the essential elements in our air & around our lives and they can do so with no danger to their bodies or immune system.

Do make sure you are properly dressing the baby. The baby can’t communicate well at all and crying is virtually its only tool of interaction. Avoid the baby crying because it’s too cold or not prepared for the weather. Think of the babies needs and plan accordingly from warm clothes in winter to sunscreen in summer.