What To Bring To The Hospital

What To Bring To The Hospital - Parenting and Babies

What To Bring To The Hospital
When the big day comes and the new baby is ready to make a grand entrance, the last thing on your mind is packing a bag for the hospital. A friend with six children gave me some sound advice about packing for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. First: Pack way ahead of time and don’t wait until the last minute. Sometimes babies surprise you and come when you least expect it. Second: Pack two bags — one for things I might need during labor, and the other bag for after the baby comes. She said that having bags packed and ready to go waiting by the door would help give me peace of mind about the big day.

Bag for Labor & Delivery
• Birth Plan filled out
• Health Insurance Card
• Glasses (no contact lenses if possible)
• Hair accessories to tie hair in bun or ponytail
• Lip Moisturizer
• Items to Help You Relax – iPod or CD player for music, a cheerful book, lavender oil to massage lower back
• Video and Picture Camera. Charge the batteries!
• Towel & Washcloth – the hospital has them, but yours are more familiar
• Comfortable Clothes – if hospital gowns are not your style, bring a loose fitting gown (no pants) for comfort during delivery if the hospital allows it. No long sleeves, though. Nurses will need access to your arm to take blood pressure or insert an IV. Socks are a plus if your feet get cold.
• Lollipops on a stick or hard candies. Don’t forget a snack for your coach.
• Focal Point – Bring a picture of your favorite place or a loved one to focus on during labor

Post-Partum Bag
• Clean nightgown
• High fiber snacks
• Maternity Clothes – bring an old nursing bra and underwear because they will get stained even if you are wearing sanitary protection
• Sanitary Pads – the hospital provides these, but you can use the brand you prefer
• Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo and body wash